Assistance to affected people in Kyiv as part of the rapid response

Residential buildings in the country’s capital were damaged this morning as a result of a massive bombardment from rocket attacks.

Currently, it is known that at least four died, and more than forty were wounded in Kyiv. Some communications were also damaged, including the power transmission infrastructure.

Employees of the Kyiv office of Help in Ukraine arrived at the scene of the events and conducted a preliminary assessment of the needs of the affected people; they also talked with the deputy head of the district administration. As part of the rapid response, we will assist the affected families.

Currently, the situation is challenging. Residents of neighboring houses bring their belongings to the residents of burned apartments to support the victims.

“We need to find housing for the next six months because just inserting windows is insufficient. The building’s structures are broken, so there is no question of a quick restoration,” says the owner of the damaged apartment, Yevрeniia Tkachenko.

We express our sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims of this tragedy.