RFQ for the procurement of an interactive panel 
Published: 17.04.2024
Active until: 24.04.2024
Registration number: PUKR-020-23-24-CS05

Representative office of Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. in Ukraine invites you to take part in the request for quotations for the procurement of an interactive panel within the project “Recovery and revitalization of Halytsynove community” financed by the Marquard & Bahls.

Please send your proposal in PDF format with the technical specification and financial proposal, the supplier’s contact information, and your signature. Be sure to submit all supporting documents mentioned in the RFQ. Check the availability of all necessary documents before sending the letter.

In order to participate in the tender, it is mandatory to accept the general provisions and conditions of operation of the Representative office of Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. in Ukraine, which can be found at the following link: https://data.help-ev.de/sharing/ehtKSdJ0e. To confirm acceptance of the above conditions, it is necessary to sign document Annex 4.GEN_2-4_Confirmation_of_Compliance (in the attached file).

Please note!

The deadline for submission offers is 24.04.2024 till 15:00 Kyiv time, offers sent after this time will not be considered.

– It is obligatory to specify in the e-mail subject line: PUKR-020-23-24-CS05.

– The offer should be sent to the e-mail address ONLY: tender@help-ukraine.org.ua.

– Carefully read the documents for submission.

– Possible clarifications regarding the purchase and questions to all invited tender participants can be sent to the project specialist by e-mail or phone.

Mare information at the following link.