Uzhhorod City Council visit

On Friday, Darya Romanenko, Country Director of the Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe mission in Ukraine, met with Artem Pogorelov, deputy mayor of Uzhhorod. The conversation was also attended by Ivan Flenko, Director of the Uzhhorod City Center for Social Services of the City Council’s Social Policy Department, and Yuliana Bokoch, Head of the Department for Business Relocation and Interaction with Humanitarian and Charitable Organizations of the City Economic Department of the Uzhhorod City Council.

Since the organization intends to open a representative office in Uzhhorod soon, a meeting with the leadership of the Uzhhorod City Council and local government officials is required for further coordination of work, as the local authorities are aware of all the needs. 

Deputy Mayor Artem Pogorelov spoke about the arrangements for assisting IDPs and supporting Ukrainians affected by the war, noting that a quarter of the population of pre-war Uzhhorod today is IDPs, with about 28,000 officially registered in the city, but the real numbers are much higher. 

As part of the project ” Emergency relief and protection services to the conflict-affected population in Ukraine” in 2022, Help provided 653 psychosocial consultations in Uzhhorod for war-affected people and internally displaced persons, and since November, another 150 consultations for survivors of gender-based violence. With the opening of the regional office and cooperation with the city council, Help will be able to provide more tailored support. 

The meeting resulted in an agreement on future cooperation, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding.