“Best Practices in Rebuilding Ukraine” evening in Berlin

On 25 January, Berlin hosted an evening on “Best Practices in Rebuilding Ukraine”, attended by over 170 representatives of politics, civil society, and the private sector.

Representatives of Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe and our partners – NGO “Girls” and Districtone.Foundation – took part in the exchange of experience.

The Country Director of Help in Ukraine, Darya Romanenko, shared her expertise and priorities regarding the country’s reconstruction with the guests. During the speech, she focused the participants’ attention on the regional approach to reconstruction, localization, and the importance of the design of humanitarian projects, considering the further development of communities. With the Mayor of Bonn, Ms Romanenko also spoke about the Bonn Hilft Cherson project, which supports rebuilding the city’s infrastructure.

The best practices of the event’s participants will be considered at the upcoming #UkraineRecoveryConference 2024 in Berlin to improve the efficiency of future reconstruction processes.